#35 - Overwatchers: “OverTalk - BlizzCon 2016″

November 9, 2016

The Overwatchers are back. This time Garrett, Patrick, and ChanmanV joined Scott Johnson and Overwatch developers Aaron Keller (Assistant Game Director), Jeremy Craig (Senior Game Designer), and Ryan Mourey (Senior Software Engineer) from the floor of BlizzCon 2016! The podcast crew joined the live crowd in asking the devs about Sombra, the Overwatch Arcade, new maps, and much more.

A huge thanks to the Overwatch community team for making this panel a possibility. Doing a panel from the floor of BlizzCon was an honor for all of us.

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Overwatchers, is a not so elite group of non-heroes with no mercenary experience other than gun-for-hire voice over work. Garrett Weinzierl, Patrick Beja, and Chris "ChanmanV" Chan are here to talk about all things Overwatch, Blizzard's team-based FPS.


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